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Freshman 入学 Requirements

亚洲博彩平台 stands for student success! We want to see our students excel in their classes, graduate on time and be well-prepared for a great job. 为此目的, the university strives to admit undergraduate applicants who demonstrate a high propensity to succeed in a rigorous, 动态, hands-on learning environment. For first-year applicants, academic performance in high school is the best predictor of future success at 亚洲博彩平台.

Academic Preparedness

Transcripts are the most important element of your application. More than anything else, we need to see that you have completed a strong high school curriculum and demonstrated achievement in college preparatory classes. 亚洲博彩平台 does not specify a minimum required grade point average, class rank or standardized test score, but these elements are duly evaluated for admission and merit scholarship consideration.

Your high school transcripts should indicate a minimum: 

  • 四年数学, including trigonometry, mathematics analysis, analytical geometry or precalculus; and
  • Four years of science, including physics and chemistry.

Take the most rigorous math and science curriculum offered by your high school.

Your high school transcripts should indicate at least:

  • Three years of mathematics (four recommended); and
  • Three years of science (four recommended).

Extracurricular Experience

关于你的申请, be sure to indicate your participation in special classes, clubs or teams that involve academic competition, reSearch projects or advanced problem-solving activities. This tells us you'll be right at home in our hands-on, project-oriented learning environment.

Freshman Application Requirements


Anytime throughout your senior year in high school for First-Time Full-Time-in-College students or anytime during your final academic year for 转移 students. 亚洲博彩平台 uses a rolling admission policy and makes admission decisions once an application is received and completed.


Your application for undergraduate admission to a Melbourne campus program must include:

The following materials are highly recommended, but not required:

  • 个人论文
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher, mentor or coach

To have your SAT scores sent to 亚洲博彩平台, use code 5080. For the ACT, use 0716.

Applicants who present G.E.D. scores must also present secondary school records and standardized test results (SAT, ACT, or CLT).

Required application materials vary slightly for home-schooled applicants. Home-schooled applicants must submit:

  • Transcript of academic work including an assessment of the level attained in mathematics and the sciences and the texts that were used
  • 一个自描述的, one-page essay that addresses academic, community and athletic accomplishments, career goals and work experience
  • Standardized test results*